About us

Our boss

Hello everyone, my name is Oli, 23, from Stamme.

My passion for the forest and wood began very early. At the age of 3 I got my first axe as a present, from then on there was only forest for me!

At a barbecue party some time ago, with my friends, I became aware of the charcoal and had to find out that the charcoal came from Paraguay. I was amazed and started my research on charcoal, the results shocked me, because it is a dirty and illegal business. Further, I noticed that up to 99% of the charcoal sold in Switzerland is imported, many times from the tropics.

I decided to change this and without further ado invested all my savings in a modern pyrolysis oven, which produces charcoal of the best quality. Absolutely pure and without chemical additives that could spoil the barbecue mood.

After more than a year of waiting, he is finally here and I was able to start production, together with my girlfriend, my parents and many other helpers we are since March 2023 Olis coal!

Because it does not matter what you grill, as long as the coal fits!

The team


Anika has heard Oli's dream for the past 2.5 years and is thrilled that it has finally begun.
She is an organizational talent and handles photography, marketing and administration.

Graphic Design

Marta not only works for her own company in Tirano, participates in STIHL Timbersports and organizes her own events, but she also designed our logo and branding.

Moral support

Neuhof has been in the Reinhard family since 1890.
Paul and Danuta are famous for their pumpkins in the fall, but they are now also proud supporters and occasional contributors of Oli's coal.