Gourmet charcoal of the best quality sustainably made in Switzerland

Olis charcoal offers


The escaping volatile substances of the charring wood are post-combusted, thus achieving a very low fine dust pollution of the environment and a good conversion rate from wood to coal


As raw materials, local residual wood from forestry and sawmills is consistently refined, all wood comes from a maximum radius of 30km and is 100% Swiss wood.


With the process of dry distillation we are able to produce charcoal of the best quality, which neither smokes nor tastes burnt. The carbon content is over 90%


A wide assortment of native species is sought. Ash, beech, fruitwood, hazelnut, vines, poplar etc. So there will be a coal for every barbecue opportunity

The challenge

99% of the charcoal consumed in Switzerland for barbecue purposes is imported from all over the world, often from illegal logging and fraught with exploitation. Analyses by WWF Switzerland show that the wood declarations are often false, insufficient or misleading and still contain tropical wood and for several products the risk of illegality and/or overexploitation cannot be excluded.

At Olis Kohle, we want you to be sure where the wood comes from. That's why all our charcoal is made in Switzerland, with Swiss wood, all within a 20 km radius.

A large part of these charcoals are produced with outdated processes, these are harmful to the environment and humans, in the production and the consumer himself. Poor charring produces toxic chemical compounds which are carcinogenic. In principle, it can be said that if the coal smokes, then it is of low quality.

At Oli's charcoal, all charcoal is produced at high temperatures and with high quality wood, so you can be sure that you do not take any risk and get a high quality product.

When I learned about these problems, we were shocked and wanted to change it. What started as a university project has now turned into a company we are proud of.

Who are we?

Oliver Reinhard

Hoi zämme, my name is Oli, 23 years old, from Stamme.

My passion for the forest and wood started very early. At the age of 3 I got my first axe as a present, from then on there was only forest for me!

Some time ago I became aware of the negative aspects of the charcoal industry and decided to do something about it.
I wanted to make charcoal for Swiss people, from Swiss wood, in Switzerland.

It took a year, but I'm glad that Oli's charcoal has been around since March 2023!

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